Lost & Found

from by YUGEN

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got the whole city sweatin even when it’s so cold
got the whole city sweatin even when it’s so cold

been a cast away since after the storm black
yellin at myself acting like I was born black
in the matrix operating the wrong format
now im in the race and I don’t even need four tracks
make your fitted cap shit on your cerebellum
and your gold chain shatter pick up the pieces and sell em
been a bad brain how the bad brains tell em
don’t care what you say f v k I kill em
girl got my dictionary so she know my vocab
membranes spontaneously combust cuz my flow has
content of context too complex for their slow ass
plus im fuckin crazy baby maybe you should know that
buds getting twisted, still getting lifted
spit that ill shit through the city like a sickness
hittin missionaries in missionary positions
cool kid in the tacklebox like im goin fishin
lookin for a woman give a fuck about the bitches
problem is still got a lot of dirty wishes
type of shit a genie in a bottle can’t give me
my mind aint right – it’s fuckin with my spirit
mid-city kid with that outkast feel
used to be a nigga with dreads for the cause for real
now my cause is not to be one at all for real, so
I get vexed when niggas ask me nigga whats the deal I say chill
im livin life black and white
silent movie all eyes on me im too nice
yellow red ragin Cajun flow boucoup spice
yall cookin mad red beans with two rice
grains yall tame so lame so minimal
train car plane reach fame no interview
train all day no play it’s a ritual
…leave the physical experience the spiritual
hate the taste of paper so I never bite a lyric
haters lick lines and asphyxiate Hendrix
flow psychedelic trip on the spit endless
make a hater scream like a bullet wound exit
check the method baby I get wreckless
jayo spit the heat that got the whole city sweatin

got the whole city sweatin even when it’s so cold (4x)

Round 2 I’m back in like a repeat offender
got my own messages call it return to sender
if you blingin then im rolling my eyes just like spinners
just another obstacle in front of my vision
stop trippin, tie another knot in my laces
(pack up) find another spot for that fake shit
we ain’t havin that. you bringin the wrong plates in
the way you spit will get a brother shot in the face!
…get outta line. you outta time.
don’t be a fake im outta my mind just like a nine
one mistake, step into the light
and ya wake, the sun a shine but ima say gnight like
ima say gnight like

got the whole city sweatin even when it’s so cold (4x)


from Save The Sunlight, released September 20, 2014
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Dimitri Staszewki
Written by YUGEN



all rights reserved


YUGEN New Orleans, Louisiana

"YUGEN is a New Orleans-based sextet that combines the poetic energy of hip-hop, improvisatory ruckus jazz, and progressive pulses of electronic music into a fluid live aesthetic that drips into your ear hot and heavy and blooms in your brain in an organic slew of silky pastel and gritty neon. "
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