Save The Sunlight


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"Save The Sunlight" began in the various bedrooms of YUGEN from the summer of 2013 to today, 09/20. This album was spawned from various electronic tracks, film scores, boom-bap skeletal structures and daydreamed ideas. This is the first full length record from New Orleans based live hip hop and electronic outfit YUGEN and we are proud to present it to you. We would really like to thank the people that helped us put this piece together. We would like to thank Lemar Arceneaux, Anthony Stewart, Dan Opatich, Dimitri Staszewski, Michelle Madias, Abby D, Gabe Todaro, Steve Panachek, Taylor Mroski, Jason Rhein, Rick Nelson and many more. Thanks -YUGEN.


released September 20, 2014

All tracks written by YUGEN and engineered, mixed and mastered by Dimitri Staszewski and YUGEN with the exception of:

Single Cell ft. Abby Diamond
Mixed by Gabe Todaro
Mastered by Dan Opatich
Partly written by Abby D



all rights reserved


YUGEN New Orleans, Louisiana

"YUGEN is a New Orleans-based sextet that combines the poetic energy of hip-hop, improvisatory ruckus jazz, and progressive pulses of electronic music into a fluid live aesthetic that drips into your ear hot and heavy and blooms in your brain in an organic slew of silky pastel and gritty neon. "
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Track Name: Reservations
Eyes fresh from a yawn at dawn

Thin sweat on the lawn - hot sun.

Feel like I’m coastin I don’t even own a skateboard.

Won a scratch off I didn’t even pay for.

Waitress said that she comp’d my meal.

Gave me her address, said come and chill.

I’m coolin, she’s on fire – opposites attract.

She’s smoking a blunt and droppin’ ice in my glass

Crown Royal and ash spill onto my jeans

Is she wiping it off, or rubbing it in?

Sweet Jesus! Look up – You don’t need to see this.

Drunk last night – this morning I’m leavin'

It’s alright

Say you’re mine

We can talk

But it ain’t right

It’s alright
Say you’re mine
Just say you’re mine.

This morning I left.
Last night I was drunk.

Crown Royal on ice - She’s smoking a blunt.
Got down to the roach – I drank til it was ice.

I keep treating her wrong – she keep loving me right
Last night – I sat at a table for two.

The waitress walked up and I thought it was you.

I was looking for you!
But you never showed.

She was flirting with me and adjusting her clothes.

Smooth and composed – the restaurant closed.

We got up and left – she led me up to her house.

Hot sun on the lawn: thin sweat.

Past dawn, give a yawn, eyes fresh.

It’s alright

Say you’re mine

We can talk

But it ain’t right

It’s alright
Say you’re mine
Just say you’re mine.
Track Name: First Sight
Brown Sugar, put you in my coffee softly
Liquid love baby you’re sweeter than a toffee
had me at hello then that ass just lost me
found me sippin fast slippin past lips talking
wanna be your only contact – walkie talkie
I admit I don’t like the condition that you caught me in.
Drunk… lounging…at the function
one thing on my mind can we meet like a conjunction
junk in the trunk and im stuffing more stuff in
you’re my chocolate box and im forrest gumption
common sense… eat it like it’s free luncheon
to a college student baby we can meet up
I know you want to see me but I get your digits later
smooth operator but im like an elevator
really want to lift you up like a plane uh
I’m speechless let me get a taste of
love and I can tell you how much I want to savor the flavor
I can show you better than I say love

better than I say love…

got me feelin blessed when I wake up with ya
but your girlfriends tellin you to reconsider
and your ex – still caught up in the mix
and the last girl I hit used to live with ya
but ya body got me thinkin go figure
hips rolling in the morning make it hard to get up
ass tight in them pants wonder how they fit ya
I know – I picked a diamond in the river
that’s a blood diamond or a diamond in the ruff
this is puppy love and I can never get enough
even when we grown I’ll be deeper than the cuts
that got ya heart open let me help ya cover up
it’s dangerous maintaining this its pain and bliss
stained and glistening…windows in the cathedral
my people know, free time she will blow away
with a kiss she’s the sweetest yo
test ya life trying to get between us though
I love her we leave and I come back to her
wife material im like a husband to her
we can play dumb over a bottle of wine
we can stay up until the sun come shine
we can fuck or make love either way is fine
as long as I am yours and you are mine
oh no
better than I say love…
Track Name: Chapels
Levitated praying like a flying lotus
meditiated lotus sutra nam yo ho renge kyo
til im in Kyoto laughin
til then im a spastic with a pen and a napkin (huh)
race til I warp space and time
get more universal with every line
spit my nickels and dimes til I get two cents
and I get to NY – heads askin who’s him
sensei said “fight harder” that’s what I did
looked around left many an mc dead
spears pierce many an mc head
severed and lined up in front of my front yard

levitated praying like a flying lotus
meditated lotus sutra nam yoho renge kyo (repetition)

settled back in back in New Orleans
drive an all blue 9 5 ford taurus
getting way too loud for you to ignore us
treating women like horus not whores
but the sun god let em shine while I pivot and roll on my orbit
(ha) so thorough from the parish to the boroughs
latin nigga slicing my name in your brain – zorro
dip off lay back in the dark – sip corona
and I smoke trees with my patnas
and I’m gonna be gone til mañana
and I plead the fifth your honor
honestly don’t give a fuck about your policy
give us all the show money it’s a robbery
stick up similes got your hands up high

levitated praying like a flying lotus
meditated lotus sutra nam yoho renge kyo (repetition)
Track Name: Lost & Found
got the whole city sweatin even when it’s so cold
got the whole city sweatin even when it’s so cold

been a cast away since after the storm black
yellin at myself acting like I was born black
in the matrix operating the wrong format
now im in the race and I don’t even need four tracks
make your fitted cap shit on your cerebellum
and your gold chain shatter pick up the pieces and sell em
been a bad brain how the bad brains tell em
don’t care what you say f v k I kill em
girl got my dictionary so she know my vocab
membranes spontaneously combust cuz my flow has
content of context too complex for their slow ass
plus im fuckin crazy baby maybe you should know that
buds getting twisted, still getting lifted
spit that ill shit through the city like a sickness
hittin missionaries in missionary positions
cool kid in the tacklebox like im goin fishin
lookin for a woman give a fuck about the bitches
problem is still got a lot of dirty wishes
type of shit a genie in a bottle can’t give me
my mind aint right – it’s fuckin with my spirit
mid-city kid with that outkast feel
used to be a nigga with dreads for the cause for real
now my cause is not to be one at all for real, so
I get vexed when niggas ask me nigga whats the deal I say chill
im livin life black and white
silent movie all eyes on me im too nice
yellow red ragin Cajun flow boucoup spice
yall cookin mad red beans with two rice
grains yall tame so lame so minimal
train car plane reach fame no interview
train all day no play it’s a ritual
…leave the physical experience the spiritual
hate the taste of paper so I never bite a lyric
haters lick lines and asphyxiate Hendrix
flow psychedelic trip on the spit endless
make a hater scream like a bullet wound exit
check the method baby I get wreckless
jayo spit the heat that got the whole city sweatin

got the whole city sweatin even when it’s so cold (4x)

Round 2 I’m back in like a repeat offender
got my own messages call it return to sender
if you blingin then im rolling my eyes just like spinners
just another obstacle in front of my vision
stop trippin, tie another knot in my laces
(pack up) find another spot for that fake shit
we ain’t havin that. you bringin the wrong plates in
the way you spit will get a brother shot in the face!
…get outta line. you outta time.
don’t be a fake im outta my mind just like a nine
one mistake, step into the light
and ya wake, the sun a shine but ima say gnight like
ima say gnight like

got the whole city sweatin even when it’s so cold (4x)
Track Name: Burn it Down
One mic, tryna double up
third eye sight three times the trouble – fuck
on ya fifth drink, im on my sixth double cupped
ya girl got cups im holding her bubble bra
quadruple containers maintaining my liquid flow
the beat back me up never lookin back cuz I know
two more shots you end up on the floor
two more shots im on stage at a show
street never had me only pencils and pens
sharp and inked up like tats on my skin
Cannatella on the beat – bond been like kin
two mid city kids been killin since 2010
never been a house slave steady in the field
I ain pickin shit though – you know how I feel
middle finger to the history if you know whats real
middle finger to the industry – fuck a major deal
aint tryna die young when living is too fast
doin nothing new my dude that’s too bad
talkin double negative grammar gotta stay relevant
working with every benefit making moves has
so high up fighter pilots aint fly
zero gravity theonly way I recline
too high to reach im a star in the sky
kinda like a constellation though I ain’t hard to find

Burn It down in your city, in your town
setting speakers on fire with the underground sound (4x)

Fishbone fan since I was spoonfed
got an attitude – bad brains in my head
that’s black rock reference your ignorance irrelevant
burn ya down to sediment always been my sentiment
fresh like wyclef runnin for Haitian president
mos definite now a chopper city resident
do this for my fam in the bed stuy regiment
C I A with no I you lack my intelligence
then you lose the Agency, now your not a reference
I’ll get play on Central stations and stay independent and uh
P.S.A. to all rap artists
the aim is to take your name off all the charts
we don’t play, game over when we start it
fine point sharpies (make) permanent marks yea
we been around, bullets in the chambers
swing the hammer back, point blank to the aim
put your wallet back, let go of the chain
gimme the microphone don’t ever rap again
don’t even practice I sit back and laugh
head phones steady rock that mathematics
been above average, you could never match this
spit metaphorever since I started artifactin
been above average, you could never match this
spit metaphorever since I started artifactin and we

Burn It down in your city, in your town
setting speakers on fire with the underground sound (8x)
Track Name: Single Cell Feat. Abby Diamond
you had to have found out by now
my ankle- braced, single-celled companion
we've learn, that the subtler of sounds
leads us to different friends
I'm an equestrian
your aging in the desert sand

you had to have found out by now
your so small, we've grown apart companion
I've learned, from the way you are now
lessened to single cells, once an equestrian,
defamed and little in the sand